What’s the Challenge

TFT whiz kids rejoice: LVP UK is partnering up with HyperX to give players a chance to show off their TeamFight Tactics finesse. Play your cards right, and you might just find yourself walking home with a new 960GB external SSD: the Savage EXO.

The HyperX Challenge is played online on ArenaGG across 3 dates in November. Tournament 1 will be played on the 16th, and Tournament 2 on the 23rd. The top 4 from each competition will then compete in the Final on the 24th of November, with the winner taking home a Savage EXO to level up their game.


Registration is open for any UK players that fulfil the registration criteria.  

 However, only the first 1,024 players signed-up will be selected to compete.


Simple single elimination tournament:

  • Top 4 Proceed, Bottom 4 eliminated.  
  • Number of rounds is dependent on the number of sign-ups.  

Players who are unsuccessful at placing in the overall top 4 at the end of Tournament 1 may enter Tournament 2. Players that finish at the overall top 4 at the end of either Tournament will qualify for the Finals.

The HyperX Challenge will be played over 2 weekends:

  • Tournament 1 – 16th/17th November
  • Tournament 2 – 23rd/24th November
  • Finals – 8pm 24th November


The LVPuk Community Discord will be open for clarifications (as per the written rules). 

Any players with questions related to admin decisions will be advised to raise a ticket.  



The HyperX Savage EXO SSD uses 3D NAND technology to deliver SSD speeds more reliably and efficiently so you can get your games patched, installed and booted faster. With loading times up to 20% faster than today’s game systems, this super-compact drive works on Mac, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Featuring a USB 3.1 Gen 2 connection, it’s super simple to connect, and at only 56g, it’s perfectly portable. Bring your game to the next level by winning the HyperX Challenge and taking home a Savage EXO of your own!


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